Tuesday, June 21, 2011

About Most of Directories

Dhundo Web Business Directory is a premium web directory and online resources offering useful information and site listing, specifically those related to green living and eco-friendly practices. We manually review your site suggestions following strict guidelines - we welcome family-friendly site submissions, while emphasizing on eco-friendly sites. Our directory listing will help in SEO

Dhundo is dedicated to fast review of submitted sites. We guarantee to review within one business day, often sites are listed just minutes after submission. We offer free listing of non-profit .org and .gov sites. Our low listing cost of $10 for a business Web site will be refunded if your site does not meet our editorial standards. Please note that if a for profit site is submitted without payment, site will not be added to the DhundoDirectory.If you are looking for local citations you are welcome to get your business listing on local pages.