Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Definitive Guide for Building Quality Inbound Links.

The Definitive Guide for Building Quality Inbound Links.

Every web site need a links rather lot of links to improve there link popularity which in turn leads to higher search engine ranking. Higher search engine rankling will drive more traffic and more sales and profit. Inbound links can be create by link exchange, buying links or making site so useful that other website owner should link it naturally. Links from similar theme based sites drive more relevant traffic which is interested in product and services you provide and also result into more sale conversion. There are various question while getting inbound links i.e. will link quality is important or quality? or What should be the theme of site giving inbound links and many more. We have made the following quality guidelines which must be followed while buying a link or getting inbound link by other means from other web sites.

· First of all you should get One Way Link Try to avoid reciprocal if not possible you can go for three ways link best for SEO

· Links must be from closely related or complementary websites to theme of your website. You should consider the theme of the whole site which is more important but if the website falls in broad match theme you can consider the theme of the pages from where you are getting inbound link.

· You should not get more than one link from one domain

· The more outbound links a page the less value a link have. Please ensure that there are not more than 30 links on page from which you are getting inbound links

· Links should contain the target keyword or key phrase as a text hyperlink and must vary the link text.

· Links should contain the target keyword or key phrase as a title tag on the text hyperlink.

· Don get only link for home page you must have deep link to sub pages which are important on your site to make link building strategy more natural SEO

· Links should be followed by a short description of the target website also containing related keywords

· You should make sufficient randomization in the anchor text and associated link description text so as to not have a set pattern of linking

· Staggered deployment of the links to avoid any search engine penalties no more than 30 every 4 weeks

· Link should not be from framed page or java scripts

· Links should not be through redirection script i.e jump.cgi, out.php it should be direct so that search can consider it as vote

· Links should not include a “nofollow” tag or any other robot tags

· Links should not be on Flash sites or pages

· Links should not be on a links page excluded by a robots tag

· All Links should not be on a site penalized or banned by Search Engines

· Links not from link farms or link exchange sites, FFA's, linking clubs example: or any free sites

· Links should not be from same IP - from sites with unique c-class IP addresses only

· Link should be from pages which are already indexed by search engines.

If you follow the above quality guidelines we ensure that your link building campaign give the maximum possible benefits to improve you link popularity and search engine ranking. Be sure that link building campaign should be spread over a time so that there should not no sudden surge in the incoming links count.
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