Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Popular Categories for Local Citation or Business Listings

I have been  making a research on various local business directories category which are popular for local citations and listings. Local citation is quite importance for ranking in search engine particularity local business listing with Google and Bing. Here is the list of business listing categories

Agricultural Services
Assisted Living
Auto Repair Shops
Beauty Salons
Car Dealers
Car Insurance
Car Rental
Carpet Cleaners
Catering Services
Coffee Shops
Computer Services
Employment Agencies
Event Planning
Financial Services
Flooring Companies
Golf Courses
Grocery Stores
Home Services
Industrial Equipment
Insurance Agencies
Internet Services
Lawn Services
Medical Services
Movie Theaters
Moving Companies
Pest Control
Pet Stores
Real Estate Agencies
Roofing Contractors
Sporting Goods Stores
Travel Agencies

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Is Local Citations or Business Listing Improves Search Engine Ranking?

Once upon a time general directory submission was one of the best and low cost methods to get links and improve your ranking in search engine results but with the time It is gone out of scene and now considered as one of the spam method of getting links. 

Now the days SEO agencies are giving more importance to local listing  for local SEO. How fat it is correct. It is correct as UK local citation agency do local submission

First of all we should know about local citations.  Local citations can be defined as getting your NAP Name, Address and Phone number published on local web pages with or without linking to your website or webpages.  This include listing on local business directory, yellow pages and white pages. You may also be referred on any of blog, new sites or in article with your NAP. So all such kind of mentions are know as citations. If you name is published in your commerce association or trade club it is also know as local citations

Local citation building and submission service include creation of above kind of mentioned with our without links with solely purpose of publishing your local contact or business information. 

Local citations builders believes that it has 25% contribution in local seo and is main fact of local search engine optimization. One thing is sure that your mentions must be from a trusted source. 

Please refer to Local Glossary for more learning

Friday, February 15, 2013

Directory Submissions Keywords with Bidding Rates

Directory Submissions Keywords with Bidding Rates We have made list of keywords relating or directory submission, link building, social bookmarking. It may help the seo agencies in finding proper keyword for there advertising or ranking plans. It does not include local citations keywords

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Definitive Guide for Building Quality Inbound Links.

The Definitive Guide for Building Quality Inbound Links.

Every web site need a links rather lot of links to improve there link popularity which in turn leads to higher search engine ranking. Higher search engine rankling will drive more traffic and more sales and profit. Inbound links can be create by link exchange, buying links or making site so useful that other website owner should link it naturally. Links from similar theme based sites drive more relevant traffic which is interested in product and services you provide and also result into more sale conversion. There are various question while getting inbound links i.e. will link quality is important or quality? or What should be the theme of site giving inbound links and many more. We have made the following quality guidelines which must be followed while buying a link or getting inbound link by other means from other web sites.

· First of all you should get One Way Link Try to avoid reciprocal if not possible you can go for three ways link best for SEO

· Links must be from closely related or complementary websites to theme of your website. You should consider the theme of the whole site which is more important but if the website falls in broad match theme you can consider the theme of the pages from where you are getting inbound link.

· You should not get more than one link from one domain

· The more outbound links a page the less value a link have. Please ensure that there are not more than 30 links on page from which you are getting inbound links

· Links should contain the target keyword or key phrase as a text hyperlink and must vary the link text.

· Links should contain the target keyword or key phrase as a title tag on the text hyperlink.

· Don get only link for home page you must have deep link to sub pages which are important on your site to make link building strategy more natural SEO

· Links should be followed by a short description of the target website also containing related keywords

· You should make sufficient randomization in the anchor text and associated link description text so as to not have a set pattern of linking

· Staggered deployment of the links to avoid any search engine penalties no more than 30 every 4 weeks

· Link should not be from framed page or java scripts

· Links should not be through redirection script i.e jump.cgi, out.php it should be direct so that search can consider it as vote

· Links should not include a “nofollow” tag or any other robot tags

· Links should not be on Flash sites or pages

· Links should not be on a links page excluded by a robots tag

· All Links should not be on a site penalized or banned by Search Engines

· Links not from link farms or link exchange sites, FFA's, linking clubs example: or any free sites

· Links should not be from same IP - from sites with unique c-class IP addresses only

· Link should be from pages which are already indexed by search engines.

If you follow the above quality guidelines we ensure that your link building campaign give the maximum possible benefits to improve you link popularity and search engine ranking. Be sure that link building campaign should be spread over a time so that there should not no sudden surge in the incoming links count.
About the Author

The Article is written by Submit Shop Team experts in link building Campaigns and link development. Visit for more information. See y/ for more information on Submit Shop link building services.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

About Most of Directories

Dhundo Web Business Directory is a premium web directory and online resources offering useful information and site listing, specifically those related to green living and eco-friendly practices. We manually review your site suggestions following strict guidelines - we welcome family-friendly site submissions, while emphasizing on eco-friendly sites. Our directory listing will help in SEO

Dhundo is dedicated to fast review of submitted sites. We guarantee to review within one business day, often sites are listed just minutes after submission. We offer free listing of non-profit .org and .gov sites. Our low listing cost of $10 for a business Web site will be refunded if your site does not meet our editorial standards. Please note that if a for profit site is submitted without payment, site will not be added to the DhundoDirectory.If you are looking for local citations you are welcome to get your business listing on local pages. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011 launched Blog

After my blog some one else also entered into directory submission blog. Nice I welcome to for taking step toward directory submission peoples. Hope to work some topic with you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Directory submission cost how to justify

Lot of companies are offering all directory submission services at same price how it is possible. Slow and delayed directory submission takes time more than the regular submissions and updated are also more than regular SEO directory submissions.

If it Is reptile order time consumed is two time more than the first time submission. The costs charged by directory submisisions firm are the same
It is not possible so one must fine the reason for the same

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How people can offer directory submission below their cost

I want to address to this issue to all the website owner or SEO outsourcing companies who are taking the services of off page SEO. Directory submitting is done manually by human beings so cost varies from quality of human being employed for submitting to directories. This can be the difference in directory submission price of different companies. It is understandable but how can it be below cost

I think the minimum cost of average directory submitter company can be 06.cent per submit. the calculation can be done on the basis of salary of average employee and infrastructure cost divided by not of submission registered per day

So be aware of companies which are offering low prices. They will submit you fake reports to cover their prices. If you consider the cost of regional directory submit like submission to UK directories it will be costly as more labor in finding directories and low number of free UK websites directories.

The time of directory submit is over now only submission works is niche directories, local directories or business yellow pages. Most important is local citation building service. The location mentions ,citations, references on any of local documents , news sites, blogs or trade associations work better than all

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mass Directory Submissions Jobs

Mass Directory Submissions Jobs Who can do it a Question the answer is here

Well there may be few large directory submit companies but the best directory submissions company is SubmitShop SEO Services company based in Chandigarh India. They handle large volumes of submission a month. When you will see there infrastructure and will admit that yes they are the large or big manual directory submission company more

our directory subitters are based in India . Even UK directory submission service is executed from India as it is too costly if some try to work in UK for this job. Best SEO Job in Inida

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Go For Indian Manual Directory Submissions Company

India manual directory submission company offers submission of your website or webpage to quality web directories at affordable prices. India book is leading in directory submitter competition in India because of its rich database of quality web directories. Directories Database is maintained by qualified directory editor who have rich experience of maintaining directories.

If you website is submitted or get listed in quality directory you will definite get advantage both in term of Google page rank and relevant traffic.

Indian Directory Submission Firm is offering best prices in market and there infrastructure and directory submitter are among top in Directory submitting industry. India SEO Firm is the best as directory submission SEO. India book is located in Chandigarh Punjab India.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

SubmitShop launched free SEO report service

SubmitShop is a Professional search engine optimization company, since 1999 has launched a free manual SEO report services to website owners, webmaster and its SEO partners in UK, US, Canada, Australia and other Europeans countries with the beginning of November 2008.

Submit Shop offers a Free SEO report service which is performed manually by our search engine optimizers. The non-automated search engine optimisation reports include evaluation and analysis of your website for various search engine optimization factors both on-page and off-page and also include the free advice how to improve your website deficiencies to rank better in search engine results, drive traffic and improve branding.

Get more info about Free SEO Report

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Directory submission services Beware of free lancer

Manual Directory submission is a process of submitting your web site to free, non reciprocal web directories by humans. The major factor in this service is wither the site has been actually submitted or you have just send the list of directories.

The majority of directory submitting work is executed from India and now like old concept of work at home it is now transferring the hand of free lancer or inexperienced submitting workers. Lot of freelance having no legal entity even not registered with Indian Government to carry on IT or IT related services to customer abroad in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europeans countries are offering there services at various popular SEO forums like Digital Point, V7n and others. This is a best place of unathorised people to carry on IT related business and three no body as for any legal entity. Just create a email account and open account with there community forums and start selling any SEO products.

They are offering directory submission services at so low prices that it is difficult to even recover the cost of labor with that price how a quality manual submission can be provided. They submit in few sites and add few directories in the execution list without submitting them. This is the best way to reduce the cost or to charge a low price.

This is a manual work and how much submission a manual directory submitter can do in a day so they try to get involve other worker which are not experienced to execute there order and which result into low quality as well as low quality submission.

I have found free lancer offering 3000 directories submission after SubmitShop launched the services how an individual can find a database of 3000 directories and can submit where as we are company of more that 50 manual directory submitter involved into all kind of process finding it difficult to execute.

So my advice to be careful while assigning directory submission services. Try to get some reputed directory submission company rather than free lancer just to save few bucks.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Need of directory of directory submission companies

I am looking for this specific niche ( directory submisison) list of companies No body has yet compiled the list. There is need to make a list of web directory of manual submission services firms located in whole of the world .This can use full for website owner or webmaster to get all submission companies at one place and make decision regarding assigning of there manual submit work easily

Let us see who do the first

Monday, December 3, 2007

Slow Directory Submission

Slow Directory Submission or Delayed Directory Submit Service

The main question which is quite confusion in directory submission industry is to go for slow or delayed submission or normal fast directory submit services

In conclusion you should advice the directory submission company not to submit more than 50 submissions a day if you have got a package of 1000 directory submission. In my opinion you must get your site submitted in directories with a period of one month. It may cost but the results will be quite effective. The concept is well known as slow and delayed directory submission services.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why Separate Email Account for Directory Submission

Why Separate Email Account for Directory Submission

A directory submission is a process of submitting URL to various web directories either to do it manually or by automatic software. All directories submission form has email column which is compulsory in all cases. So you need email ID and domain email works better as directory editor have confident that submission is genuine. Now the question it that why it should be separate valid email the reason are:

  • When you submit to directories there is most likely that your email will be spammed as thousands of submissions will exposé your Email ID.

  • Some directories also publish your Email ID along with listing and more chances that your email will be in spammer list.

  • When ever site is submitted to directory in most case they first send auto responder for submission thanks and followed by other mails which will fill your Inbox.

  • Some web directories send confirmation email to verify the authentication of submission and separator account is helpful for staff or outside submission company to handle such verification. Since it is not your business or personal email ID you can give it to out side submission company for working.

  • Few Web directories require account creation and process involve verification of email and account. Separate email account is helpful for staff or submission company to handle such account creation without accessing to your personal or business email account.

  • You need valid email ID to receive communication from directory editor regarding approval or rejection of your site.

So you must have separate valid email ID either of your own domain or on some free email provider i.e Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. In case of free email provider tried to have your domain in email to give confidence to editors that submission is genuine.

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